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ENORMOUS OC Spectrum MEME by ellymango
So I saw someone fill out this big guy, and felt like doing it myself. T'was a good way to develop my characters a bit more!


- Eleanor's name has been changed to Elspeth Bletchley.

-Three never seen before characters are introduced here: Mary, Raghneithur and Alexandra.

- Mary and Raghneithur are both centaurs (art of them can be found here -->…), hence why they're on the extremes of the tall and powerful bars, and why they never went to school (both were probably educated by their parents)

- Alexandra is a blind priestess/oracle (haven't fully decided), who lives in a society which reveres the blind as seers of the future and past (as it is believed the gods took their sight to give them psychic abilities). She never went to a school as such, rather she was educated by the other priests/priestesses in the temple she grew up in.

-This is probably the first time you've seen me draw most of the other guys for a looooooooong time, eh? How times change...

All in all, this is a great meme and I urge anyone with OC's to try it at some point! Here's the blank -->  I changed some of the original bars to suit myself, ayyy... ^^;
Theme 13- Misfortune

“You see, there really is no such thing as a “safe” job, when you really think about it. If you’re unlucky enough, you could probably be killed or injured doing anything. Of course, there are jobs which pose a greater risk to your safety, such as my job…”

Commander von Schetzenburg had her back to me as she spoke. In the dim light of her office, she appeared little more than an elegant silhouette, framed by the dusky light from the overcast sky outside the window. The room wasn’t cold per se, but it certainly couldn’t be described as warm either, which kept me slightly on edge. Then again, I couldn’t complain; few people had the privilege of being allowed into this office, I was told, so a part of me felt as though I had to feel grateful of being allowed access.

“They tell me your job is particularly dangerous too, Kollonchenko?” Von Schetzenburg had turned ever so slightly towards me now, so that the dull light illuminated the outline of her nose and a single eye. I could tell by the tone of her voice that she wanted me to answer without further prompting.

“It can be at times.” I answered coolly, almost coldly. I wasn’t sure what kind of an answer she was expecting, since our jobs are completely different. Though I was a senior International Intelligence pilot, I had been banished to the bleakest of bases in one of the most remote areas of Ireland for reasons never fully explained. She, on the other hand, was the second highest ranked member in the whole organisation, and had spent most of her career here in Headquarters. It didn’t seem like a fair comparison to say the very least. “I imagine, though, that yours would be much harder.”

“Maybe.” The commander turned from the window, taking a seat at her desk. In the darkness of the room I could have sworn she was smirking. Her chin rested on her interlaced fingers, covering her mouth, and her eyes glared at me, bright and silvery-grey even in the dull light. “It all depends on what kinds of situations you find yourself in. Tell me, Kollonchenko, what was the worst mission you’ve ever faced?”

She was testing me, I was sure of it. I could tell by the gleam in her eyes and the tone of her voice that she knew that my day-to-day job was nothing in comparison to hers. My job was dangerous at times, for sure, but it had never left any long-lasting mark on my subconscious; it had never led to any harrowing or traumatic experiences. But I knew for certain that hers had.

“I am guessing from your silence that you don’t have many bad memories?” Her tone wasn’t as condescending as I had imagined it would be. She was looking away from me slightly, her eyes unfocussed, appearing rather forlorn. “I envy you almost.”

I was slightly baffled by this little quip. I asked what she meant by it.

“Well, let me tell you a story, Kollonchenko…”

“I’m not sure if you remember this, but about, ah, twelve years ago if my memory serves me correctly, there was a robbery near the town centre, in a jewellery shop just off the main street. We, of course, didn’t pay it much heed at first. It just wasn’t of our concern.”

“Later on, however, we got a call in saying that the situation at the jewellers was becoming a little heated. Since I was off duty, I was sent down, along with a handful of other officers. I take it you know our High Commander? She went down as well. Of course, she wasn’t High Commander back then, but that’s by the by…”

“When we got down to the jewellers…”
She paused, as if gathering her thoughts. “Let’s just say that it was a little more heated than we had anticipated.”

“Were there… weapons involved?”
I asked tentatively when she paused again, having stood up and turned toward the window once more.

“Of course.” Silence again. Then, turning her head to look at me directly from over her shoulder, she softly asked: “Have you ever… been shot before, Kollonchenko?”

Before I could respond, she had turned back to the window again. “It hurts a lot.”

“I won’t bore you with the details, Kollonchenko, as I cannot remember them clearly myself. I was hit twice, I think, fairly early on in the battle. I must have lost consciousness soon after, as I woke up two days later in hospital.”

Her voice was very stilted and formal, as if she were reciting the story of someone else. It just didn’t seem right that all the things she was describing to me had in fact happened to her.

“I am sorry if I’ve made you feel somehow inferior.” She turned back, and I swear I saw a smile glance across her lips. “But you did ask.”
Theme 13: Misfortune

AHEM. This time round, I've got some more serious stuff for you all.  To restore your braincells if you were brave enough to read my moronic crackfic.

FYI- Yes, von Schetzenburg is Friede. You probably knew that from my tumblr, but if you didn't, surprise I guess? I just really, really wanted to do some sort of character study on her, and I did intend for this thing to be longer, but at the same time, I'm lazy and having Friede describe what happened to her in-depth just... didn't seem right.

Not sure how this ties into misfortune, but... I think the concept is that though Kollenchenko feels misfortunate in that she was "banished" to the base in Ireland, at the same time Friede was misfortunate enough to be shot twice early on in her career. Does that make sense?
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
The YOLO Chronicles Part 1

Chapter Toaster: The strange bacon.

It was the final period of sex ed. At the back of the classroom, trying hard not to doze off, sat a teenager with long, untidy white hair down to her hips and big sapphire blue eyes. Even though she was quite fond of sex-ed (but very bad at it), not even she could resist putting her head on the table and trying to enjoy a quick episode of My Little Pony on her iStone.

This girl was named Elodie Greene and she thought she was a French foreign exchange student. She enjoyed running up to people and meowing in their faces. She was also very fond of quizzes, crosswords and jigsaw puzzles and Pokémon because Pokémon guys are fuckin’ GORGEOUS I mean, have you seen Professor Sycamore? No wonder so many girls like Pokémon nowadays. Though it was actually Steven Stone who she crushed on the most. HE’S TOO FREAKING CUTE AND NERDY GODAMMN She wasn’t very popular, because she thought Pokémon guys and girls were infinitely better looking than everyone on Earth. She was also a self confessed chocoholic and a nerd and she loved Air crash Investigations, and seemed to know everything about Henry VIII’s wives. She hated children with a passion.

Suddenly, she felt a whip on her shoulder. It was Roxanne Summers, the class dominatrix. Her favourite pastime involved cutting the heads off of dolls, then hanging them on her bedroom ceiling, or storing them in jam jars. The only girly thing she liked was jewellery, but only the quirky kind (think earrings shaped like coat zips and buttons or necklaces with a Lego block or a dolls head for a pendant). She was also an avid collector of badges and rubber ducks. She was a large fan of Lou Bega and was president of his fanclub, and had a skeleton tattooed on her thumb, and wanted her hair dyed black and her eyes dyed red. In reality her hair was short and a fetching shade of vomit green. Her eyes were the same colour. She was hopelessly in love with her maths teacher, and his glorious ass cheeks. I mean, damn, he could crack nuts with dem cheeks.

“Ells,” she sang, “did you catch the homework?”

“Oh no…” she meowed, head-desking. She had missed the homework. Oh well, she thought, it’s not like the teacher’s ever going to smell it.

The bell sang an 80’s pop song. Elodie tried to crawl home, as usual, unnoticed, but Katherine Cullan had other ideas.

Katherine was pretty much the exact opposite of Elodie. She had straight bubblegum pink hair that reached her knees and eyes like toilet seats. She was a rather gothic girl who wanted to be a vampire and also fancied the sparkly asses off of half the cast from her favourite book, Twishight. She only read books that contained sex scenes and hunky boy vampires, who took their pants off. A lot. So basically Twishight fanfiction (especially yaoi fanfiction: that made her wetter than the Irish summer). She enjoyed playing on social networking sites and drinking lots of energy juice, so she was on an eternal sugar rush. Despite her gothy ness, she doted on her spaniel Benjy and her Yorkshire rat terrier Maxine. Her favourite pastime was sitting in her tree, in full Princess Mononoke cosplay, talking to the tree spirits. That and wearing vampire fangs and a cape and jumping out of bushes at people and saying “I vant to dreenk your blahd!” in a bad Romanian accent.

She then invited her little group round to her treehouse, because she wanted to show them a funny video on her Bebo account. It was a spoof of Twishight, and it was sent to her by Josephine Clyde. On their way, Roxanne made sure she was as far away from Lynsey Leugenaar as possible.

Lynsey was half Dutch and had a habit of telling lies. She was known among the kids at school as “Ugly rabbit-faced lying kid”, because she was ugly and had a rabbit face. Oh, and she lied a lot. She ate like an American. No, really, her mouth was a black hole I swear. She had streaky purple hair and a jester’s hat made of neon dildos seemingly welded to her head. That was her taste. You could imagine her being an idiot. She liked to fantasise about getting her thumb, nipple and lip pierced. She wanted to stretch a large hole in her ear so she could fit beer bottles into and she loved to watch Furry porn on YouTube. In a “special” cat suit.

Josephine was a little like Lynsey, only without the craziness and sex obsession. Her hair was short, greasy, tomato coloured, and so scruffy her split ends had split ends. She was Katherine’s best friend, as they both liked vampires (personally, Josephine preferred the swamp thing) and the same taste in toilet paper. Even though they were friends, they still had silly fights, but they only lasted a few years. Josephine also enjoyed annoying boys and, like Lynsey, had a wondrous vocabulary of swear words and rude gestures. She lived on a farm for radioactive cow turds. She loved computer hacking, especially into the school database so she could secretly change her abysmal exam marks, and look up embarrassing facts about the teachers. Apparently, Mr Gloriouscheeks’ real name was Herbert Dimpleton.

They arrived at Katherine’s tree. Immediately Katherine can-canned up to her bedroom (which she shared with her older sister) and logged on to her side of the computer, then onto her account. An e-mail flashed up, from a boy in the girls’ year, nicknamed Gay Shea, the campest kid in school, though, secretly, Shea was one of Elodies millions of admirers. Although the girls thought of her a “nerd” a “dork” or a “geek”, most of the boys fancied her. It was just as well she didn’t feel the same way, or there would be fights. Lots of them.

“Elodie,” yodelled Lynsey, her thick Belfast brogue making it sound like “Aloday”, “ye really datin’ Shayy?”

Elodie looked at her in the eye and purred seductively, “I would rather stick pins in my eyes.”
“No thou wouldn’t,” burped Jane Campbellwell, “that would be sinful.”

Jane was Elodie’s Bible-bashing friend. Well, she was the only one who would put up with listening to Elodie’s constant ramblings about Pokémon and how beautiful Steven is. She had shoulder length carrot coloured hair, ugly glasses, braces, and lots of freckles. Lots of freckles. Like, so many freckles that her face was basically just one big freckle. Being a Bible-basher meant that she didn’t agree with Lynsey’s anything. To her, Lynsey was basically Satan. She was annoyingly serious and couldn’t take a joke, or sarcasm, properly, and would always make a politically correct or Bible-ish comment on everything light-hearted. She loved playing her sousaphone, and was in the Salvation Army band.

In the middle of the video, Katherine’s oven started singing Korean pop music.

“Hello?” she mooed, “Oh, hello Andrika. Of course you can come up.”

Andrika Alogo was one of Katherine’s many friends. She was originally from Ouagadougou, just like Elodie was originally from Ljubljana. She was a tangerine, had glossy blue hair, olive green eyes and loved Ugg boots like Roxanne loved Mr Gloriouscheeks-Dimpleton. She loved Pokémon, and secretly thought that they existed (didn’t care much for the human characters in Pokémon, much to Elodie’s chagrin). She was a rather impressive babysitter, unlike Elodie who, when it came to babysitting, was more useless than PanAm. She was also very fond of Coca-Cola and sherbet and had family in many different countries. If she felt lonely, then Andrika would lie on her bed and throw knives at her bedroom ceiling.

Andrika fell from the ceiling with a two litre bottle of Coke and a large packet of bacon. She even brought a cheap pizza for the girls.

Suddenly, Katherine said in Polish, “Hey, look at what some asshole sent me.”

The girls glomped the computer, chewing on their bacon.

2 teh deerest Elodee, Linsie, Rock-san, Josefeen, Jayne, Andreeka and Kaffrin.

“Harrumph!” durred Katherine, “he spelt my name wrong!”

“Fuck, mine too!” hurred Lynsey, who promptly started singing a Michael Jackson song in Tamil.

“And me!” said Jane in Swahili.

“What about me?” clucked Josephine, “everyone knows my name is spelt with an ine, not an een!”

“Everyone with a brain, that is,” bleated Elodie, flapping her ears.

I shal call upon u 4 I have herd tayles of gr8 prayse of u…

“What “stories of great praise?” cawed Andrika, “We haven’t used our powers for ages.”

“Powers? What powers?” said Elodie, gyrating kinkishly.

“The powers you were born with, thicko. Those powers.”

“Ohhhh, right. Those powers. HURP BADURRP.”

Manny yeers ag0, a valuooable diemund wuz takn frum mee…

“Diamonds?” derped Lynsey excitedly, lighting a cigarette.

“SHINE BRIGHT LYK A DIMUND!” honked Katherine, flailing her arms like a sexy windmill. Josephine hit her with a daisy.

A medeeum tod mee dis diemund iz 0n teh fayse of L0ste…

“That’s on Mount Everest,” quipped Elodie, LIKE A BAWS, “which is 8,848 metres tall.” She grinned like a nerdy geography teacher.

“’Is is a fuckin’ girl’s nayt in, nat a fuckin’ nerd convanshin,” snapped Lynsey, jabbing her cigarette in Elodie’s one direction. Elodie did a backflip.

I want u 2 bring it 2 mee.

“WHAT?!” hee-hawed Jane, flapping her arms like a table, “some person I don’t know wants me to go up Mount Everest?! Doesn’t he know how many people went up, but never came down?”

“I do,” replied Elodie, eerily, slurping from a hookah pipe.

“Now’s not the time, nerd,” hissed Josephine, hitting Elodie with a piano.

Desperate to break up the argument, Jane said, “Can you trace the e-mail, Katherine?”

“I’m not sure,” she replied, “I only joined this website last year, and only Jesticles and Ro-Ro know my e-mail address.”

“It’ll tell you who it’s from at the top,” said Roxanne.

The group looked to the top of the e-mail box. It said:

From:?????  To: TheMagicalDildoPrincessOfDildonia.

“I should’ve guessed your username would be that,” Elodie meowed, “I’ve been trying to work it out since you started!”

Elodie and Andrika jiggled their toenails. Jane flashed them a serious look, but Andrika threw a toilet at her. Elodie tried her hardest not to giggle, as she remembered a similar incident when her sister’s best friend, Katie had thrown a WWI grenade at a group of rather rude boys who were shouting raunchy comments at Elodie, who was used to boys shouting cheeky things at her (she couldn’t help being KAWAII-DESUYO SHMEXY!!!!1111!!)
Whilst they were reading the Spanish-to-English dictionary, the girls had failed to notice Benjy, who was polishing off the pizza Andrika had brought over.

“Benjy you fuckin’ dickhead!” scolded Katherine, hitting her dog with a cement mixer, “bad dog!”

Benjy whimpered and sulked off, his head between his legs.

“Now what?” herp-a-derped Roxanne, “for starters, some noob has sent Kat a freaky e-mail, and second, her dog has ran off with the pizza, and will marry it tomorrow in Gretna Green, they will have lots of smex and have lots of dog-pizza babies. What are we going to do?”

“Easy, thicko,” retched Josephine, chewing on a sock, “eat shit, crisps and bacon and do this thing for this shithead.”

“Sweets for dinner?” queried Jane, realising what Josephine meant when she said “shit”, “shouldn’t we be eating something healthier?”

“Stick a cork up it, you noob,” growled Roxanne sexily, thrusting her hips back and forth, “go and eat Benjy’s shit if you’re so far up your own ass. And I mean his shit. That pizza’s probably given him the runs like it did last time, so you should find some, if y’know what I mean.”

Jane blushed, and kept her politically correct legs shut until Katherine arrived with a bag full of sweets and chocolate and some bacon.

“Good thing Benjy hates bacon, eh Katherine?” quacked Elodie.

“Yeah, or then we’d be eating candy with water, YUCK!” gargled the vampire junkie, through a mouthful of Boost, which dripped down her chin.

“Water is healthier than Coke,” replied Jane.

Without a word, Roxanne flicked Jane on her butt cheek, causing her to spill Coke all over her school skirt.

Jane turned puce, and trundled to the bedroom to clean herself.

When she returned, there was only bubblegum and two muffins left, and Roxanne was licking one muffin like a hooker, and Lynsey had peed on the other. Jane hated bubblegum, and there was no way she would eat a muffin that an ugly rabbit-faced lying kid had relieved itself on.

Also, the group had already sussed out whether they were going to ignore the e-mail, or obey it. They chose to eat it.

“We’ll need money to pay for the flight to Nepal,” slurred Elodie, eyes rolling around her head and taking another long slurp from her hookah pipe, “that ain’t gonna be cheap.”

“Sorted. Air Shit Air France goes to Nepal for just £200 per person.”

“Yes, but does that include your funeral…?”

“Do we have to go?” Jane whined in a whiny high-pitched pussy voice.

“Yes, or else this story’ll have no plot. Now, we’ll also need a place to stay,” quipped Josephine, ignoring Elodie.

“That’s easy,” replied Andrika, “I have family in Nepal, remember?”

“Ye have family fuckin’ ervrywherr, Driki,” Lynsey of the rabbit face spat.

“Not everywhere. Only in Greece, Nepal, Aruba, Mongolia, Andorra, Sri Lanka, Togo, Burkina Faso, Romania, Unova, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Bhutan  and Venezuela.”

“Where the actual fuck is…”

“Ok,” said Elodie, “we have accommodation sorted. But how are we going to get there?”

“I don’t suppose Lynsey could steal some money for us?” scoffed Roxanne of the fat wrists.

The two girls gave each other black looks, before finally listening to an idea from the Fujoshi Voice of Hell.

“Maybe we could do a few sponsored walks?” she gyrated, “we could say we have to go to Nepal for some cheap booze or a KAWAII YAOI SMEX convention.”

“We can’t do that!” gasped auburn-haired Jane, “the Bible states that yaoi is a sin.”

“A lot of things are sinful, ‘cordin’ to the Bible,” mooed Elodie, Lady of the blue eyes, who bears the aegis.

“No it isn’t. Only bad things like jealousy and greed and…”

She didn’t finish. Bitchy, good-hearted Roxanne removed the lovely bubblegum she was chewing from her mouth and squashed it into Jane the Bible Basher’s carrot-coloured hair before she could say anything else.

It was then decided that Elodie of the lovely locks, rabbit-faced Lynsey, Jane the Bible Basher, Josephine the master-schemer, Roxanne of the lovely Converse and Katherine, son of Laertes, would go up the mountain in animal form. Andrika would stay with her family, who possibly kept yaks, to act as “base camp”. The girls would make up an excuse by convincing their parents that their absence was due to a summer camp, as it was the beginning of June. They would leave for “the hairdressers” in July during the Christmas holidays. The last thing to do was to check that they would be free for the set time, and to book the flights to Kathmandu and back again.
The Moronic Ramblings of a Clearly bored author
This is what happens when the author discovers something she wrote when she was about twelve, re-writes it when she knows what sex is, and finally just gets high on sugar one day and goes nuts.

I'm sorry...?
So, uh, tumblr has pretty much taken over from deviantART in terms of website I'm most addicted too ahaha ^^; No idea why though, sometimes it's a nightmare... but that's by the by! I have stuff to tell you all uwu/


Also, since yesterday I have officially been on deviantART for three years.

I went to Rome for a weekend in October. It was one of the worst experiences of my life (for quite a few reasons) but I'll probably remember it fondly in a few years or so (and by that, I mean when I'm about 50). Also other people's suffering makes for a good story.

I finished Pokémon White version \(>w<)/

I'm going to Poland in April next year.

And, uhh, Legend of Korra is amazing, y'all should go watch it uwu
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