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Crikey I haven't been on in forever.... eh.

Not that I have much to report. I mostly come to dA to lurk nowadays. I'll pop by every day to check my messages, favourite and comment on stuff, but that's it... for now. My tumblr.… My AO3 (I'm active there again)
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Misery, thy name is Roma

Also known as: the worst experience of my life.

Now I’m not in school anymore, I guess I can finally publish this!

So, last April or so there came the opportunity for students who study religion, art or ancient history in my school to go on a trip to the Italian capital of Rome. As an ancient history student, who had been itching to visit the city after reading Angels and Demons way back in 2010, I signed up in a heartbeat. Besides, everyone else in my class was going, and I’d have hated to miss out on school trip gossip.

The trip sounded amazing: tours of the Coliseum, the Vatican City museums, the Sistine Chapel, and a network of underground catacombs located just outside the city. All things I had missed on my first visit to Rome. Also included was an opportunity to visit some of the locations mentioned in my aforementioned favourite book of all time.

There was just one catch.

Well, two of them actually.

The first was, of course, the price. Since most of the teachers in my school have no sense of what a “budget” is, the price of the trip was extortionate. Seven-hundred pounds for three nights. I spent a week in Sweden for less.

The other was the flight times. Because the teachers didn’t take the time to think that they could have arranged the trip over the Halloween holidays (or any school holidays for that matter) we would be leaving early on Saturday morning, spending Sunday and Monday there, and arriving home on Tuesday so that we missed as little time off school as possible. Just how early on Saturday, I hear you ask? Two in the bleeding morning.

So, at two in the bleedin’ morning on a Saturday, I was sitting dazed on a jittery old school bus down to Dublin (because my school didn’t know you could catch the Aircoach down, oh no), freezing cold (because it’s Ireland in the wee hours of the morning in the middle of autumn) and dreading the day ahead. Because we only had two and a bit days in Rome, and the teachers had a lot they wanted us to see and do, I had a nasty feeling that at some point in the day, I was going to pass out from exhaustion at having been walked all over one of the most chaotic cities in the world. Either that or I would end up being run over by some yobbo playing a game of “Bowling for Pedestrians.”

When I finally step off the plane in Italy (slightly refreshed at having snoozed for most of the flight, thank the lord) I was bowled over by my arch nemesis: the heat. I despise the heat. And as the only student on the trip who hadn’t packed a pair of shorts or a skirt or a dress, I suddenly realised that I was in Hell.

And it didn’t let up.

I was pretty much in Hell for the rest of the trip. Not only was it horrifically hot, but the walking (dear God the walking!) left me thoroughly knackered by the end of the first day and ready for an early bed. But, this being a school trip, and me seemingly being the only person who actually enjoys sleeping and not being a tired and grumpy sack of hate the next morning, I of course went to bed at half past eleven, and didn’t get to sleep until around one in the morning.

The following day could only be described as “painful”.  Or “miserable”. “Or “torturous”. Basically I spent the whole day crawling round Rome, on the verge of fainting, and in several different types of agony.

The next day, we visited the Vatican Museums.

Also known as: the depths of Hell.

The thing about the Vatican City is that pretty much everything there is extremely valuable. Gigantic, intricately-carved marble statues.  Vast amounts of gold. Paintings that take up entire walls. Basically, stuff that you don’t want tourists poking and prodding. So there are large sections of hallways that are cordoned off from the visitors. The result is the worst human traffic jam imaginable. Our school group was split up so many times we gave up counting.

The Vatican Museums are basically three miles of unforgiving corridors completely jammed choc full of tourists, with nowhere, and I mean nowhere, to rest. You could try and crash on the floor in a corner... but the chances are you’ll just be yelled at by a guard. One of our group actually collapsed from exhaustion after being forced through three art galleries full of somewhat out-place modern art.

And let me tell you that the Sistine Chapel wasn’t so impressive after traipsing through six or so other rooms full of floor-to-ceiling frescoes of Biblical scenes that are all pretty much identical. Plus you don’t even get to fully admire it, since it’s also stuffed with tourists so if you stop for even a second you end up getting elbowed, shouldered or, if you’re really unlucky (and short), trampled, since it’s crammed full of half of Japan, two thirds of Europe and a quarter of the United States.

Bizarrely, I was the only person who didn’t enjoy the trip. In fact, everyone else actually wanted to stay in Rome. Some wanted to live there forever. One girl even cried when we had to leave. All I could say was: What the bloody hell did I miss?

Tell you what I did miss though: all the locations from Angels and Demons that I had wanted to see. And yes, I was extremely irritated about that as well.

So now I’ve probably put all of you off visiting Rome. If it helps, I spent half as much money in Sweden and had an infinitely better time…
Misery, thy name is Roma
Written for a local magazine! Because other people's pain is great right? :lol:

Based on a true story, heh.
Eurotalia meme 2015 by ellymango
Eurotalia meme 2015
Now with 50% less effort!

Though honestly this years contest was such a downer. Bleh.

Totally uninspired notes, boo

-What the ass was Norway's entry even about? Like, he did something terrible, when he was a child? What, did he kill the school hamster? Did he steal from his grandmother? Did he cheat in his 11-plus? What did he do?

That is all.

Blank Meme-->
Crikey I haven't been on in forever.... eh.

Not that I have much to report. I mostly come to dA to lurk nowadays. I'll pop by every day to check my messages, favourite and comment on stuff, but that's it... for now. My tumblr.… My AO3 (I'm active there again)
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  • Listening to: Madonna
  • Reading: Lysistrata
  • Playing: Pokémon Heart Gold
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Ellie A.E. White
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United Kingdom
Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time since 1996.

Current residence: The Pleasuredome
Favourite genre of music: Classical and, uh, Europop :lol: Though, I'd listen to anything, really.
Favourite school subject: History
Star sign: Scorpio
Chinese Horoscope: Rat (1996)
Personal quote: "No, that's not an awkward moment. An awkward moment is when you walk into Ann Summers and see your mum queuing at the checkout."
Motto: "What's the point of living if you're not gonna laugh?"
Nicknames: Ellywhite, Granny Moosh, Ellycopter, Purple, Bitch, Bijou
Fandoms: Axis Powers Hetalia, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Gravity Falls, Pokémon

Things I Love:
:bulletpurple: Chocolate
:bulletpink: Cats
:bulletpurple: Music
:bulletpink: Reading
:bulletpurple: Coffee
:bulletpink: Tea
:bulletpurple: Cupcakes (no, not the MLP fanfic)
:bulletpink: Ice cream
:bulletpurple: Eurovision
:bulletpink: Plane-spotting
:bulletpurple: Holidays
:bulletpink: Singing
:bulletpurple: Birds

Things I Hate:
:bulletblack: Children
:bulletred: Stick insects
:bulletblack: Dead insects
:bulletred: TV talent shows,
:bulletblack: American high-school dramas
:bulletred: People who take things too seriously
:bulletblack: A large chunk of Hetalia's fandom
:bulletred: And MLP's fandom for that matter
:bulletblack: Most celebrities
:bulletred: People who constantly dismiss themselves as being fat, ugly, disgusting, talentless, etc, when they're clearly not.
:bulletblack: People who bash others for not fully understanding mental illnesses (unless, of course, they are dead wrong. Still, don't bash others for what they don't understand)
:bulletred: People who won't shut up about how they were bullied (and yes, I was bullied once. But I managed to solve the problem... with my fist)
:bulletblack: Most people on the internet.
:bulletred: Celebrities who don't do anything to interact with their fans because "they're shy."

My AO3 account:…
My account:
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dA Family
- that crazy, grumpy uncle who seems to look down on anyone's musical tastes and buys everyone fast food.
chapaillini- Cousin Javert.
good-flippy- the wolf who lives in my back garden.
jedwardlover360- The crazed fangirl sister with rainbow painted nails and the sexiest boyfriend alive who has an Indian granny.
Medoriko-The tattooed, pierced, Coheed and Cambria obsessed cousin, who likes microbes more than people, with red braids more obnoxious than a traffic light.
Colourful-Sky- The annoying little brother who sits on the computer all day.
LaytonsAssistant18- the long lost sister, who looks like Bellatrix Lestrange, and lives in a cardboard box decorated like the TARDIS outside the supermarket that overcharged her for a pic 'n' mix, and since then spends her days protesting over said pic 'n' mix scandal.
TheRaggedTiger- the hundred year old grandmother who sits in a rocking chair in her emo corner, and occasionally screams phrases that sound very holy and dramatic but are really just Madonna lyrics.
Herami-The Poro-puking, assassin granny, who lives in a cheese, and is a little overprotective to buddies, always telling them, "It's dangerous to go alone! Here! Take a poro with you!"
Andi-Tiucs- A crazy person who lives on a sofa in the middle of nowhere, and nobody knows why she is here...
TailsFan182- that one cousin-sister's-aunt-twice-removed that eats nothing but pasta and rainbows; nobody talks about her because she lives alone on a mountain in Denmark and will die without WiFi.
ryokouasakura- The second-cousin who arrives at family reunions by flying in on a magic bike shaped like Sonic the Hedgehog.
hollow-grin- My magical shape-shifting sister, who has the ability to become a Kirin.

If you want to be in my dA family, just ask~

Some facts about me:
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